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Event Restroom has made the cover story in Pumper magazine!


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Friday, 09 March 2012 09:59

It has been a while since I have blogged but the Portable Restroom industry has kept Event Restroom extremely busy over the past few months. We started out the year with BCS, Sugarbowl, and then straight into Mardi Gras. All of these events used massive amounts of portable toilets, restroom trailers, holding tanks, and daily services that required a lot of logistical planning and dedication from our entire staff. I am very proud to say all of these events were a smashing success for us as well as the City of New Orleans.

Event Restroom has just landed the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival contract for 2012 which we are very excited about. Along with the Zurich PGA golf tournament and Wednesdays in the Square with the Young Leadership Council we continue to set the bar for excellence in our industry.

Event Restrooms has been able increase our inventory of portable toilets, holding tanks, pump trucks, and personnel to accommodate all of these events well into the future. We look forward to the challenges of our continued success and being the industry leader in a very tough economic environment.

The wedding season is upon us and most of our brides this year will take full advantage of our Boutique Series, which has become the industry model for the luxury restroom trailer market. It’s truly a one of a kind trailer with flat screen T. V’s and ultra luxury accommodations that will make any wedding the talk of the town.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 07:56

It is only May, but disaster season is already underway. While those of us in the southeastern U.S. are typically prepared for hurricane season in the summer months, the recent tornadoes and floods have caught the entire country by surprise. In our industry, our lives revolve around disaster response and providing equipment for first responders. We must ALWAYS be prepared to act NOW, instantaneously, on an as-needed basis. If the recent events remind of us of anything, it’s that every community should have a comprehensive disaster response and recovery plan in place.

For the many unfortunate communities that are in the midst of a major disaster right now, and are in need of specific equipment like mobile shower trailers, restroom trailers, potable water trucks, hand wash stations, gray water removal, pump service, and other types of equipment it is too late to plan—it’s time to act.

Whether it is rivers cresting to high, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, or manmade disasters like Oil Spills—it is crucial to plan your vendor list and equipment needs list now. Being proactive in a disaster means making the plans early to build base camps and equip them with the services that first responders and displaced citizens need during these times. Items like mobile shower trailers are not easily found during a disaster, and finding potable water and pump trucks available at the last minute to handle your church group, company or government agency (like FEMA, National Guard, or local municipality) can be even more troublesome.

Shower trailers, restroom trailers, portable toilets, hand wash stations, freshwater tanks, gray water tanks, water trucks, tents, tables, chairs, generators, and air conditioning are all just part of the overall plan when considering how to provide for an emergency. Entities like FEMA will step in and handle many of these items when hurricanes and tornadoes occur. Sometimes organizations like the Red Cross will also come in after a disaster and provide base camps for communities and first responders.  But an effective disaster recovery and first responder plan DOES NOT rely on these entities to show up immediately, or at all. A good plan guarantees that you will have a fully functioning base camp with clean showers,  clean portable restrooms, fresh water, and hand wash stations when you need them.

If you are affiliated with a National Guard Unit, FEMA, City Hall, Insurance Company, Police Department, or a non-profit such as the Red Cross, then Event Restroom is a great place to start when planning or procuring necessary disaster recovery and first-responder items such as: mobile shower trailers, restroom trailers, portable toilets, water trucks, portable toilets, hand wash stations, and pump trucks.

Its all starts with the first call your vendors BEFORE a storm hits— it’s imperative that you make the connection before it happens. The sooner you call and secure a vendor like Event Restroom, the better off your organization will be later down the line.

In the next few weeks, we will discuss some of the issues you need to consider when planning a base camp, support services for first responders, and temporary services for your friends and family. We will cover:

  • How to locate a vendor that has what you need
  • How to know what services are available and how much they cost
  • How to plan for a disaster
  • Know when to pull the trigger
  • How to calculate the number of showers and restrooms you will need
  • How to plan for providing other services, like food and water, when the disaster hits
  • How to secure equipment with a retainer, guaranteeing that you will have what you need
  • How to find a reputable company that has a strong background in disaster response

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