Leave your shower shoes at home

Event Restroom shower trailers are a clean, turn-key solution for all types of events where a portable shower is needed, including: camps, fairs, television and film productions, disaster response situations, military training exercises, and sporting events.

These portable showers can operate freestanding or connected to water and electrical supply. In freestanding situations, Event Restroom fills potable water tanks and pumps gray water onsite.

We rent shower trailers as large as fifty-three feet and smaller trailers containing 2 or 3 shower stalls. All units feature tank-less hot water heaters, heat and air condition, private dressing areas, sink cabinets, and mirrors.

Event Restroom has one of the largest inventories of portable shower trailers in the United States. Our rental yards located in New Orleans, Lafayette, and Hattiesburg service local and nationwide customers. In addition, shower trailers are staged along the U.S. Gulf Coast for immediate deployment after a hurricane or major disaster. Mobile showers are delivered within 24 hours of any major event.


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